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Need a Quick & Easy Cake for Any Occasion?

Brownies, ice cream, repeat. You can layer this cake as high as your pan will allow! The one you see here was created in a pinch so I only did one layer of each but, topped with rainbow nonpareils, it was super festive and my little guy had no idea his mom scrambled to make his 1st birthday cake.  

Let's call a spade a spade: I waited until the last minute and, thank GOODNESS, had a supply of Brownies in my freezer to save me from the procrastinating mess I was that week. I'm telling you, having a small supply in the freezer can be a lifesaver!   We pulled out all the stops for our first child's birthday party; this dude was lucky he got a cake! 😂 Can you relate? 

What you will need:

  • Baking Pan (Springform works best)
  • Vermont Brownies - your favorite flavors
  • Ice Cream - your choice
  • Rainbow Nonpareils (or whatever festive topping you like!)


  • Start with a layer of Brownies: Press them down into the pan (this doesn't need to be perfect. You can take small pieces of brownie and fill in any holes)
  • Layer with ice cream.  You will want to let the ice-cream soften a bit 
  • Repeat
  • Top with Rainbow Nonpareils (or whatever festive topping you like!) 
  • Put in freezer for several hours
  • Cut & serve


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