Behind the Batter

Bite-Size Treats We Can't Get Enough Of!

My six year old son has had the same best friend since he was six months old.  So when her mom (one of my best friends) called me two days before her daughter's birthday party and said, "All Abby wants for her birthday dessert are Vermont Brownies" I was seriously touched.  Her mom continued, "you can just cut them up into pieces and put them on a plate." She should know me well enough to know that there's no "just" do anything when it comes to Brownies.  These Brownie bites would need a little birthday sparkle! It was a mermaid themed party after all. 


I remembered purchasing some Sparkling Sugar from King Arthur Flour for a different project and thought it would be perfect. I was so excited to discover the jar still sitting in my pantry! 

As you can see from the pictures, this is a very easy dessert to whip up.  All you need is your favorite Brownies cut into quarters, some frosting to pipe on top, and sparkling sugar or sprinkles. I'm not-so-secretly really proud of how these turned out.  

I love the idea of stacking the bites to look like a tall birthday cake or plating them on cake stands.  I had to travel with the Brownies so it wasn't ideal this time around. 

The birthday girl was thrilled and the kids cleared the platter in seconds. You can get super creative with these! Have fun, and don't forget the birthday candles. 


P.S. These would also be GREAT for Easter brunch!


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