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How Is a Brownie Born? Part 1: The Big Brownie Idea

When a flavor idea strikes us here at Vermont Brownie Company, it becomes somewhat of an obsession. If we could, we’d yell it from the roof tops and ask anyone who will listen what they think of our latest (and greatest) flavor. The good news is for every flavor idea we have, someone else has one, too. Being affectionately known (at least I hope affectionately) as the “Brownie Lady” has its advantages!

Flavor ideas can range from traditional to avant garde (think walnut chunk and dark
chocolate chevre). What remains consistent, and true to Vermont Brownie Company
fashion, is our commitment to using the best ingredients no matter the flavor we’ve
dreamed up. That includes Cabot butter, King Arthur Flour and pure Vermont maple
syrup – you get the picture!

Let’s use a flavor that’s been on my mind lately as an example of how a Brownie goes
from sweet dreams to the pinnacle of Brownie greatness (ok, maybe that’s a bit of an
exaggeration). Drumroll, please…

Cherry Bourbon!  

Cherry Bourbon

Great idea, right? One of my co-workers suggested this tasty combination. (Thank you, Meg!) We’re pretty sure Meg likes the idea of Bourbon in ANY of our brownies, but we digress…

So what happens next? Stayed tuned for Part 2: The Kitchen Phase!



May 08, 2017

I love your chocolate chèvre brownie. It’s such a unique and savory flavor. I’m sure the cherry bourbon one will be a crowd pleaser too!

Mia Hockett
May 08, 2017

Love to hear about new Brownies!

Jodi Lawaich

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