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How Is a Brownie Born? Part 3: The Testing Phase

The Moment of Truth.

It may sound cliché, but there really is a lot of love baked into every Brownie – there has to be. Baking with chocolate is messy, and with two small kids often underfoot, it can take hours to do something that should take 45 minutes. 

Big Eyes!

Despite the domestic challenges, I really am like a kid in a candy store on taste test day. Here’s how it works: all the new Brownies are cut into perfect, little bite-size pieces, and are always presented on a nice plate - presentation, presentation, presentation! Then, I turn my desk into a mini test kitchen where co-workers can stop by, sample the new Brownie flavor and offer feedback.  And let me tell you, they do not hold back, and that’s exactly what we want. Why? When you work in a creative environment, and you are considering bringing something new to market, it’s critical that people provide honest feedback.  Brownie tastes are very subjective, so we want to have the most comprehensive feedback around. Lucky for us, our co-workers are committed Brownie connoisseurs.    

It’s then my job to take all the feedback I’ve received and get back into the kitchen to tweak and re-work the recipe according to what we’ve heard.  This “Brownie editing” process can go on for months, but it’s both worth it and necessary to create the next great Brownie flavor.  Once the recipe is perfected in my home kitchen, we scale it up so that our bakery kitchen can start to test the new flavor in larger trays. Even though our bakery kitchen is much larger, all of our Brownies are still baked by hand and in small batches.

Our mission statement comes alive through all phases of the new Brownie flavor process: the best ingredients + the best people = the best Brownies.

Next week: There’s more to baking lots and lots of Brownies than meets the eye!


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