Behind the Batter

Part 1: Disappearing DIY Desserts!

Truth be told, when Vermont Brownies are around, they tend to disappear quickly.  But these DIY Ghosts will be gobbled up by your little ghouls and goblins before you can say trick or treat.  

We are having the best time creating some fun and EASY desserts that you can whip up with the kids this Halloween.  Make sure to check in regularly because we'll be sharing new recipes including Brownie Mummies and Brownie Jack-O-Lanterns!

Remember, these are not supposed to be perfect, it's all about having fun and fright on the spookiest of nights!

What you will need:

  • Large Marshmallows  
  • Vermont Brownies - your favorite flavors (1 Brownie yields 4 Ghosts)
  • Creamy Vanilla Frosting (store bought or homemade)
  • Black Gel to make eyes and mouth


  • Cut Brownies into 4 square pieces
  • Place Brownies on cookie sheet, parchment paper, or serving dish. 
  • Melt frosting in double boiler or microwave
  • Once frosting is melted, dip bottom of marshmallow into frosting and place on Brownie (this helps the marshmallow stay upright)
  • Spoon 1 tablespoon of melted frosting over each marshmallow to coat 
  • Let stand until frosting is set, about 15 minutes
  • Use black gel to make eyes and mouths

Tip: I had an EPIC fail on my first attempt when using white candy melts. Make sure to use melted frosting!

EPIC Fail!

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