Behind the Batter

Time to Bake the Brownies

Our bakery is the heart and soul of Vermont Brownie Company.  Every time I visit our kitchen, I am reminded of what goes into making something worthwhile. Baking is more physically demanding than people realize, especially when it comes to large-scale production - our bakers work hard! When we say “handmade” we mean it! 

I had the pleasure of spending the morning in the bakery with the amazing men and women who create our Brownies. I left on a high, and it wasn't the sugar!  Spending time in the bakery fills me with a certain kind of energy.  Each of our bakers truly cares about the finished product, and each takes ownership of his/her role in the Brownie-making process, from prepping ingredients, to sprinkling on toppings, to wrapping our fresh Brownies to deliver to you.  

Donning the white coat and hair net definitely gets me feeling nostalgic.  There was a time when I couldn’t imagine letting anyone in “my” kitchen to bake the brownies. Now, there’s a team of bakers!  And I couldn’t ask for a better team.  This company was my “baby” before I had babies. But now it’s all grown up and I’m one proud mamma. Alas, it's time for the next fresh batch, so it's time to bake the Brownies!

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