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Time to Get Real

Now that the glossy photos have been archived, it's time to let the kids loose making their own Halloween Brownie creations. All the critical items have been laid out for them. (Brownies, frosting, edible eyes, etc...) I've even given them a Mummy Brownie making tutorial! (click here for pics of my example mummy). 

Living in an Instagram/Pinterest world is clean and beautiful, but it's not realistic.  Here's how things really went down Halloween night!

Maybe we should have put a limit on the amount of frosting per Brownie? NO, it's Halloween. :)

This Peacock thinks her mummy is finger lickin' good. 

The more eyeballs the better.

Boss Baby is a purist - straight up Brownie for this guy. 

I have to say, the kids were fully enthralled with this DIY dessert. We will definitely be making spooky Brownie treats again next year. Hope you had fun with your little Ghouls & Goblins!

Stay tuned for some fun Thanksgiving ideas!


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