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Woodland Creatures Love Brownies!

Things I've worried about while baking Brownies: cutting myself while chopping chocolate and burning myself taking brownies out of the oven.

Things I've never EVER worried about when baking Brownies: a BEAR trying to break into my home! Check out the article below from the New York Post:

Photo Credit: Bob Belfiore

While this guy does remind me of the time I was baking several trays of Brownies and looked out my kitchen window to see a large number of squirrels on my front lawn (one jumped on my window screen and scared the life out of me) and another one came down my chimney (I'll save that story for another time), this is a first. Our advice?

Watch out bakers and remember to lock those windows and doors!  

Bear tries breaking into little old lady's home for fresh brownies

By Leah Bitsky

Photo Credit: Bob Belfiore

The delicious smell of chocolaty goodness was practically unbearable.

A hungry black bear sauntered up to an unsuspecting Connecticut woman’s home this week, lured in by the wafting scent of her baking brownies, according to reports.

The Avon, Connecticut resident was frightened when she saw the sweet-toothed behemoth knock ferociously on her glass door, and immediately ran to her neighbors for help, CBS News reported.

“My neighbor across the street just came over in a panic,” a neighbor told police,  according to a 911 call obtained by WFSB. “She’s a little old lady, screaming that a bear got on the back porch and is slamming on her glass door.”

Another neighbor, Bob Belfiore, attempted to scare the bear away by banging on pots and pans and pounding on the door to no avail, reports reveal.

“Though it looks cute on the railing, this bear was angry about not being able to get at the food,” Belfiore told WFSB.

By the time cops arrived at the scene, the bear had given up and wandered off.

Avon Police Lt. Kelly Walsh told WFSB no one had reported any other sightings of the black bear since.

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